four walls, no walls, you and me.

May 4, 2007, 2:05 pm
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A few things…


Let’s take encouragement where we can get it, yes? A quote from his page “An artist is quite a fucked up thing to be, and to be honest I’m not quite sure if I would recommend it to anybody.: telling it like it is…But seriously, go read his page. My new thing is to find daily encouragement. I am hoping that this will mature into an insatiable desire to feed my soul instead of trying to shut it up.


Growing up and trying to find the right voice to listen to is fucking hard. The duality of it is killing me, and I think, a lot of other people too. Maybe it’s a 20-something rite of passage but it sucks, royally. I think especially for artists or writers or actors the duality is especially painful. Or perhaps I’m biased because most of my friends are writers or actors or artists. Of course there are the engineer/business friends making 50k straight out of college but we won’t talk about them. It’s too depressing and only makes the temptation to give it all up much too alluring.


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I can’t get the link to work? I really wanted to read it too. damn!

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