four walls, no walls, you and me.

May 5, 2007, 10:07 pm
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It amazes me how sometimes I can be so blind to the beauty of the people around me. It makes me even more desperate to realize their beauty only once they have left me, or I them.

I have a friend. Some of you may know her. Some of you may have opinions about her. All I know is that her voice is the only one that consistanly rings true in my ear. Her words are full of confidence and are real. She writes for herself and for God and for the chance to know the world, both the world God created and the world we have fucked up with our sins. She gives of her soul in a way that most people are afraid to even dare try. She will never understand how truely amazing she is, even if she does know she’s amazing. She will never know how much her life has touched others, even if they tell her. She dares to be who she is and dares to say what all others are too afraid to admit to. She is fearless like no person I’ve ever known. I covet her courage and brilliance. I wish I could be 1/100th the Artist she is. I thank her for indulging me when I need it most and for loving me in spite of all my shit.

I am notoriously bad at keeping in touch. I am even more so with the people that I truely care about. But to this person, I want you to know that you are seen and loved. That I see you, and love you.


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Selfishly, I will take these words for me. I need them. During a time in my life when I wish I could purge myself away…this helps me know I am not completely evil.

I need to be near you. You help me to breathe even when I don’t think its worth it.

I love you. You have no idea how much I completely love the person, the artist, and woman that you are. I am so glad that I know you exist in the world.

Just As I Am
No Apologies

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