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Back from hiatus….
May 27, 2007, 1:22 am
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Blogging gives me virtual performance anxiety.

I am so tired of the whole Mac thing. I hate using my powerbook and ipod. I walk around and I hate seeing everyone so disengaged from everyone else. Sometimes I’m in a particularly bitchy mood and think to myself “I feel sorry for that ipod, I bet he/she puts really shitty music on it and that poor little device has to croon out maroon 5 into that deaf ear.” A lot of the times, I don’t bring my ipod with me when I know I will be in situations where having an ipod would be really convenient. I like putting myself in awkward situations, seeing how I will respond to filling the dead air. A lot of the times I bring my big ol cans with me even though it’s a pain in the ass so I won’t have those white earbuds to mark me out as a consumer (which I really, REALLY am….I think only Ethan can truely understand me when I say that, and he’s about a million times worse than I am). Will any counterculture ever really be counter culture? I feel like it always gets eaten up. I’m not trying to be a snob here (I do know how to share) but sometimes I just don’t understand the point.

I’m reading this book, and in it this po-mo artist guy says that the concept of new is a modernist notion, this other artist guy says that before he creates art, he’ll watch some trashy double feature so he can rid his mind of all the art learning he’s acquired over the years, so he can create original work without the old masters looming over his shoulder, and in the New Yorker a few weeks ago, they ran a story about Banksy and how his painting sold at Sotheby’s for over $200,000. A few things….

1. I’m not sure what I think of the concept of new but I do know that in trying to create something new, I am constantly fighting against half of the post-modernists.
2. Does anyone else think that dude is wasting his time?
3. Has street art become too mainstream? YES. Has Banksy sold out? NO. He still works on the street, gives his work away for free, and I mean really, would YOU turn down $200,000?

Also, my dad recently bought a turntable. Which is awesome because now we are in the process of converting all of his old records into digital files. He is loving it and so am I. Recent favorites are Cliff Richard, Donna Fargo, The Ventures, Yes, and a few others…all on original vinyl!!! Good times.


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