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Pop Box
June 15, 2007, 2:37 pm
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My friend Ethan once mailed his ex (not his ex at the time) a box filled with his life. They were a continent apart and he wanted to let the other person into his life and feel like they were a part of it.

I read an ad for the Andy Warhol Pop box. It was a box with a bunch of reproductions of junk from his life. You can view it here:

It made me think. Who would buy my pop box?

I am and forever will be in love with mail. Real mail, not bills or coupons or to the current resident mail or even magazines. There is no better feeling than opening the mailbox and seeing in it a letter from a friend or a package from home. There may better feelings but this is pretty up there for me anyway. I keep as many old letters as I possibly can. They are excellent to read years and years later, especially if you still talk to the person. Such is the case with my friend Mer who wrote me a letter in 8th grade telling me of her boy problems and her suspicion that I may be Bipolar (she had seen it on an episode of Oprah that week). But that’s totally not the point.

The point is, I am constantly searching for a connection.  I recently read that friendships are not based on commitment but on attachment. This means that we can have friendships that last because we work to make it last, or we can have friendships that last because we have a genuine attachment to the person. The latter is the one you want to have. But with the world getting bigger and bigger (or smaller and smaller) how do we make time to remain connected?

I am looking for the right answer for me. I think I am going to try my very own pop box. For the low low price of FREE (or the cost of engaging in this project with me as my friend) you can have your very own Jantira Keyuranggul Pop Box. Filled with all kinds of goodies from my life. I want us to know each other. I want you to be a voyeur into my life. I want to send you a box with my heart. I want you to plant that heart and we can see what it will grow up to be.

 Watch your mailboxes. E and/or mail me if you want me to mail you.


A Summer’s Afternoon Pastiche
June 14, 2007, 1:37 am
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Why is PBS so great? I totally spent 3 hours watching the Craft in America series and it was awesome. I immediately wanted to pack my bags and go on a road trip across America, spending a few weeks in the southwest learning all there is to know about blacksmithery and then a few weeks in the northwest perched on the potters wheel and then beside a furnace, blowing glass. I almost cried when this old man was talking about how his shop will continue after he dies, and again when the whole shop was so silent and still watching him sign the bottom of one of the chairs, heart wrenching stuff.

So summer is here and once again I am depressed. Last year it manifested itself by my constant need to stay indoors and never leave my house. This year it is massive cabin fever. I can’t sit still in my house. I just want to get up and leave and explore and be doing something more interesting than the things I have committed myself to.

I read that Christie’s is putting up a lot of Old Master’s for auction at the end of the month. One of them is a Rembrandt portrait of Lorenzo d’ Medici that has not been seen in public for nearly 40 years. Can you imagine having an original Rembrandt hanging in your house? I always wonder who these people are and if they ever walk down the hall, stop and look into Lorenzo’s eyes, and think that it might be out of the ordinary to have a $15 million painting of a stranger on their wall. I always wonder what kind of person would think it normal to have the Mona Lisa hanging out somewhere in their house.

notes from sunday
June 14, 2007, 1:34 am
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Last Sunday was the Feast of Corpus Christi. I won’t go into detail about why I hate going to mass at my church (I have enough sins without adding blaspheming the Church to that list) and this past Sunday was no different. Except it was the Feast of Corpus Christi. And how does one escape a homily on the Eucharist on such a day?

Transubstantiation Vs. Transignification and the words of St. Thomas Aquinas.

I remember watching Drawing Restraint 9 with Elly and the two of us cringing at the sight of Matthew Barney and Bjork eating each other’s flesh before metamorphosing into dolphins together. The thought of it literally made me want to physically vomit.

I would like to think I am of the Transubstantiation camp, but I’m not sure. I do think there is more to the mystery of the Eucharist than Transignification allows. But there is too much of me that has lost faith. If Christ were to offer me his flesh and blood, literally, would I take it? Would you take it? If my heart believes but my brain is doubting, does it count for anything? Is it more harmful to be divided of self, to only half believe, than to not believe at all?

Saint Thomas Aquinas said that the only thing the angels are jealous of is that we get to partake in the body and blood of Christ. I think I have lost that sense of awe and humility before the Eucharist. And I am feeling the pain of my doubts.

simply revolutionary
June 11, 2007, 2:12 pm
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This blew my mind today.

 Where was I when all of this was going on? There are now thousands of programs across the US that have sustainable development cirriculum and many students and professors at these colleges and univesities (Stanford and MIT for example) have developed products that are immediately helping the poor across the globe.

 I cannot help but feel so disappointed that I spent so much of my time thinking about art and how to touch the world in order to understand it better, while all the while people were actually DOING things to make the world better. I love museum going as much as the next art guy or girl but it is becoming rapidly more and more apparent that this is not enough. This reminds me of Satish Kumar in Conversations when he says that art is never meant to be hung on walls, but to be interactive with all parts of life. I would love to be brave enough to follow, but at this point, is it too late to be afraid? i feel like each and every day, I experience little pushings against my will. I am too afraid, I am not ready to give up this life I live. But for how long can I keep fighting the impulses of my heart with the impulses of my desire?

June 9, 2007, 2:39 am
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Slump, slump…slump. I am in one. Just last week I stared at my walls and ceiling for over an hour, pissed at the sunshine and the warm weather. It literally made me more depressed every time a sliver of light got brighter as it made its way across the four corners of my room. Who gets depressed over sunshine? There has got to be other people out there who know what I’m talking about. Sam was such a sweetheart and listened to my deranged tantrum for half an hour, I appreciated that.

I have set up my easel in my room. It’s actually a really great set up. I get tons of natural light from about 6am-8pm give or take 15 or 30 minutes. One wall of my room is a closet with sliding mirror doors so I also get to look at it from a different angle and farther away since my room is rather small. My first commission is a blue cupcake painting for the occasion of my friend Wonnie’s new move to a new apartment. Don’t even get me started on how we arrived at cupcakes….

Did you know bird sing at 2 am?