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simply revolutionary
June 11, 2007, 2:12 pm
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This blew my mind today.

 Where was I when all of this was going on? There are now thousands of programs across the US that have sustainable development cirriculum and many students and professors at these colleges and univesities (Stanford and MIT for example) have developed products that are immediately helping the poor across the globe.

 I cannot help but feel so disappointed that I spent so much of my time thinking about art and how to touch the world in order to understand it better, while all the while people were actually DOING things to make the world better. I love museum going as much as the next art guy or girl but it is becoming rapidly more and more apparent that this is not enough. This reminds me of Satish Kumar in Conversations when he says that art is never meant to be hung on walls, but to be interactive with all parts of life. I would love to be brave enough to follow, but at this point, is it too late to be afraid? i feel like each and every day, I experience little pushings against my will. I am too afraid, I am not ready to give up this life I live. But for how long can I keep fighting the impulses of my heart with the impulses of my desire?


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