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A Summer’s Afternoon Pastiche
June 14, 2007, 1:37 am
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Why is PBS so great? I totally spent 3 hours watching the Craft in America series and it was awesome. I immediately wanted to pack my bags and go on a road trip across America, spending a few weeks in the southwest learning all there is to know about blacksmithery and then a few weeks in the northwest perched on the potters wheel and then beside a furnace, blowing glass. I almost cried when this old man was talking about how his shop will continue after he dies, and again when the whole shop was so silent and still watching him sign the bottom of one of the chairs, heart wrenching stuff.

So summer is here and once again I am depressed. Last year it manifested itself by my constant need to stay indoors and never leave my house. This year it is massive cabin fever. I can’t sit still in my house. I just want to get up and leave and explore and be doing something more interesting than the things I have committed myself to.

I read that Christie’s is putting up a lot of Old Master’s for auction at the end of the month. One of them is a Rembrandt portrait of Lorenzo d’ Medici that has not been seen in public for nearly 40 years. Can you imagine having an original Rembrandt hanging in your house? I always wonder who these people are and if they ever walk down the hall, stop and look into Lorenzo’s eyes, and think that it might be out of the ordinary to have a $15 million painting of a stranger on their wall. I always wonder what kind of person would think it normal to have the Mona Lisa hanging out somewhere in their house.


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