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Pop Box
June 15, 2007, 2:37 pm
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My friend Ethan once mailed his ex (not his ex at the time) a box filled with his life. They were a continent apart and he wanted to let the other person into his life and feel like they were a part of it.

I read an ad for the Andy Warhol Pop box. It was a box with a bunch of reproductions of junk from his life. You can view it here:

It made me think. Who would buy my pop box?

I am and forever will be in love with mail. Real mail, not bills or coupons or to the current resident mail or even magazines. There is no better feeling than opening the mailbox and seeing in it a letter from a friend or a package from home. There may better feelings but this is pretty up there for me anyway. I keep as many old letters as I possibly can. They are excellent to read years and years later, especially if you still talk to the person. Such is the case with my friend Mer who wrote me a letter in 8th grade telling me of her boy problems and her suspicion that I may be Bipolar (she had seen it on an episode of Oprah that week). But that’s totally not the point.

The point is, I am constantly searching for a connection.  I recently read that friendships are not based on commitment but on attachment. This means that we can have friendships that last because we work to make it last, or we can have friendships that last because we have a genuine attachment to the person. The latter is the one you want to have. But with the world getting bigger and bigger (or smaller and smaller) how do we make time to remain connected?

I am looking for the right answer for me. I think I am going to try my very own pop box. For the low low price of FREE (or the cost of engaging in this project with me as my friend) you can have your very own Jantira Keyuranggul Pop Box. Filled with all kinds of goodies from my life. I want us to know each other. I want you to be a voyeur into my life. I want to send you a box with my heart. I want you to plant that heart and we can see what it will grow up to be.

 Watch your mailboxes. E and/or mail me if you want me to mail you.


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I’m going to send you a pop box. because I lurve you.

Comment by Sumbum

I want a Jan pop box. Do I qualify? Are you still sending them out??

Comment by Mikayla

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