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Seriously? (aka satanic spawn posing as benevolent forces)
July 13, 2009, 1:30 pm
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Maybe I’ve been listening to too much Public /Radio but seriously, what are these people thinking?

1. An unnamed radio psychologist once had a listener call in who voiced some dissatisfaction with the current US government and its policies. The radio psychologist then told the caller to get out…as in get out of America. I think she may have even hung up on the caller, but this was over a month ago so I’m not certain.

2. A blogger reports widely known rumors on Sarah Palin. Blogger receives several calls and messages from Palin supporters detailing the various methods in which she should be disposed of. Blogger then gets named in a defamation suit.

There are so many reasons why these two stories are SO WRONG but I’ll only focus on a few.

The first being, since when was it OK to excommunicate people for voicing their dissent? The last time I checked we still had the freedom of speech and if I’m not mistaken, CHANGE happens when people see a wrong and speak out about it. If we tell all these people to either shape up or ship out, can you imagine the state our United States would be in? What would have happened to Civil Rights? Women’s Suffrage? Slavery?

Sure, America does offer a greater amount of freedom and exchange than many other countries but resorting to this relativism to justify such awful  behavior is not the answer. Yes, we do live in a country that offers us many freedoms, but as such, we should be allowed to exercise those freedoms.

This whole tag line “If you don’t like it here, get out” really bugs me. I mean really, who is going to look at the Economic Crisis and think “I really like this. I think this is being handled in the best and most fair way possible. I think we should keep riding this boat until it sinks, and it won’t ever sink because it’s great!” Who would say that about health care? About the Middle East?

If you don’t like what I have to say, then perhaps it’s time for you to move to a country where free speech is muzzled so all you ever hear is the cotton candy goodness and basketball analogy free-styling skills of former Gov Palin in CrazyLand.

Which brings me to my second story. What the hell is this crazy of crazies thinking? Way back, when McCain announced Palin, I thought this is too good to be true. It was like the Republicans had a little pow wow, decided to sit this term out, and hand the Dems the Presidency on a silver platter. But then, all the other crazies came out of the wood works. And en masse. With cries of “Kill Him!”. And what did Palin do? Nothing. To quote Fr. Andrew Greeley ” How can she ever justify silence when she heard a cry for lynching?” I don’t know Father Greeley, I don’t know.

And now, Shannyn Moore is the latest  victim of the Palin camp (along with the Washington Post, and NYT among others) and their idiotic defamation suit. What is this all about? RUMORS. Rumors that have been reported for years. Rumors that are widely reported in the news and internet alike. I mean really, if your Gov. up and quits on you with little reason wouldn’t you be looking for a reason too? And Palin, if you don’t want rumors going around about why you left office, how about just pretending to care and make a little note in your speech to actually talk about why you are leaving instead of making ridiculous basketball analogies? All that serves to do is remind the thinking public about your misappropriation of public funds to build a gym!

As if Palin herself were not moronic enough, you’ve still got her supporters which is in need of a new class all their own. Somewhere below mental retardation and only slightly above dryer lint. I mean really, who else would think it was OK to make life threatening and offensive calls to a private citizen for something that she wrote on her blog. The same type person who thinks Palin is a qualified leader apparently. Maybe if they ever watched the news, or read the paper, or scanned the internet, they would realize that this isn’t the singular cry of an angry Alaskan, but rather a topic that the media at large is also reporting, and has been reporting for a while.

This reminds me of a story actually. Once, in elementary school, there was a rumor going around and it escalated very quickly. Someone had called me a Moosecunt, so I immediately called my lawyer and filed a defamation suit against the entire 5th grade class. And then all my friends called those sorry bastards and left life-threatening messages. Boy were they sorry.

Ok, so I lied, that’s not what happened. But if it did, it would be less ridiculous than this story.

Special thanks to Bekah for the subtitle!


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