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Summertime and Tacos
July 17, 2009, 3:06 pm
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I think that last post sent some negative vibes my way. I’ve been in a foul mood for the past week or so. Or it may have something to do with this insane heat.

I think my new summer past-time will be to stay indoors and be antisocial. More and more I have less and less desire to see people. There are a few exceptions. Sheena is coming in a week and I am very excited about that. Hanna and I are making prints next week and I am excited about that. I’m going to SF to see Bekah and Joel and Wonk and I’m excited about that. I’m seeing my nephews in 6 weeks and I am VERY excited about that.

I’ve also been seriously slacking in terms of going to the gym. I used to go on hikes with friends on the weekends but lately we’ve been swapping out fun outdoor activities for sedentary veg-fests, namely eating and foot massages. But really, it is WAY too hot to do anything outside. A few weeks ago Ho and I went on a hike in Malibu and both of us got sunburned. She got it worse than I did but I still have this awful tan line from it!

All of this is starting to take its mental and emotional toll. I know I should be doing more….but it is SERIOUSLY TOO HOT.

On an aside, a great way to cool off is with taco happy hours! I know this falls under the sedentary entertainment category but man, LA is the place to be for tacos. I’m not talking just the traditional taco, but rather the HYBRID TACO.

Who knew tacos could be the new gastro haute cuisine? Malo is by far the cult favorite. Mondays are Malo Mondays with $1, $2, and $3 tacos (the beef-pickle taco and potato-eggplant are a MUST and is only $3 for both!) as well as drink specials.

Another awesome taco, albeit a little over-hyped is Kogi. Kogi is the perfect blend of tacos and Korean BBQ. These tasty vittles are made fresh off the Kogi truck and are delish. The wait however, is the killer. Although it was a tasty little taco, I don’t think I’ll be waiting TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!! in line, until nearly 1AM for this taco again. I mean, I get it if it’s a Saturday night and you’re out late clubbing and need a tasty snack to equalize all the booze, but on a weeknight, couldn’t you move it up a few hours? Some of us have work the next day….

I was hoping to make this week taco week seeing as how I already kicked it off at Malo on Monday and had plans for Taco Tuesdays with Wonk at Cabo Cantina in Brea. However, those tacos sucked! Proving yet again, not all tacos are created equal. And, sadly, Taco Fest which was supposed to be this weekend in the LBC has been postponed until 2010! Sad day.

TGIF. The weekend is never long enough. Art walk and Coldplay this weekend. Yayee!


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have fun jan!!

Comment by liz

you’re talking about tacos and i’m preggers. i need to come visit and eat $3 tacos until 1 am

Comment by sumbum

pregnant is the new black.

Comment by jantirak

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