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Kombucha, Round 2
November 5, 2009, 2:30 pm
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Since my last post on the topic, I’ve successfully brewed one batch of kombucha. After the SCOBY got a little more solid, I put it in a new batch of tea and left it out for a little over a week. After a while, the pH levels seemed good and the smell was right so I decided it was time to bottle it. I got a little fancy and chopped up some ginger into a puree which I then strained into the brew, along with a bit of apple juice. Let me tell you, it was delish!

However, I did a lot of traveling toward the end of September and early October so I was unable to keep up with the process. I didn’t want to risk contamination since there was no one else to look after it so I ended up tossing out the mother and baby before I left. It was a sad day since I had been through so much with that first SCOBY and it takes soooo loong to cultivate a new one. BTW, SCOBY’s feel really weird, and are surprisingly tough. I can’t imagine how people eat them.

Now, I’m on round 2 of Operation SCOBY. I bought a new bottle of GT’s but this time, instead of dumping the bottle into a jar by itself, I mixed it with some sweet tea which is the recommended method, I think. I also used a different type of tea, which is not working out so well for me. This particular tea has an oil that once brewed rests on top of the tea like a film. I think this oil is bad for making Kombucha so I tried to get rid of as much as I could with paper towels. I think the best results have been when I used an organic white tea (which is a type of green tea) even though many people have said they did not get good results with white/green teas as opposed to black.

So far not much is happening but the weather has also been weird lately so I’ll have to be patient. I’m using a heat pad set on low to warm things up. I’ve read that during the colder months, a heat pad really helps so we’ll see how that goes. Not much to look at for the moment but once things get interesting I’ll post photos. Fingers crossed that this batch goes well!


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