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saturday is artday
December 6, 2009, 12:45 am
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Today I finally made it out to the Japanese American National Museum for the Giant Robot Biennale, part duex. From all the pictures I saw I thought it was going to be a lot bigger than it actually was. The work was great though. Deth P Sun’s work was a surprise. For some reason I thought his work was small scale but to my surprise it wasn’t! I hope there are still some piece available at the GR webstore, I totally want one now!

Albert Reyes, an artist in the Biennale, was also there showing people how he makes some of his art using a transfer technique. Here he is with the drawing I made. The process involves an image (either drawn or a photo or any other type of image) which is then photocopied. The secret is to use a blender marker on the back side of the copy, and to burnish it onto your chosen medium. Deceptively simple, yet great results. I remember learning this method in printmaking class. Anyway, the work he does using this method is phenomenal. Check it!

Here’s the finished product. The darker one is the original. Albert made the little drawing. Oh! Also, this is the inverse image so if you want it exactly like the original he says to use the mirror image function on the copier. For people with ghetto copiers like me, you can also draw the inverse image and then copy that to get the original orientation. Good times. I always like when artists know how to share, it’s something that doesn’t happen enough and is something I always try to do. I already have a project in mind that would benefit from this, but it may have to wait two weeks until I’m done with my screen prints. 

Was going to round out the day by going to the Post-It show at the GR store but got delayed taking headshots for a friend and there was ZERO parking anyway. I seriously hate parking in LA. I had to go to THREE different places to get change today. No one would give me more than a dollar in change. WTF? It’s quarters people! Also, what happened to the good old days when a quarter would get you one whole hour? Now all I get is 8 minutes? Lame.


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