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Sashimi and Screen Prints
December 11, 2009, 5:33 pm
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Per usual, Hanna came over for our weekly art time. It was such a cold miserable day outside, I was kind of out of it and not really in the mood to do any work. On top of that, one of Hanna’s screens didn’t work out right, so she had to start over on that one. We spent some time trying to clean that screen, which was nearly impossible, even though I tried 3 types of solvents that usually get the emulsion off our screens at work with ease. Finally we drove to Lowes down the street and bought a bottle of Greased Lighting which did the trick. Here’s Hanna scrubbing her screen.

So, this is the part where I accidentally lock us out of the building, or so I thought. Turns out the key was in my backpack the whole time. Of course, I didn’t realize this until I was all the way home. 😛 It worked out for the best though, because I got there just in time for dinner and I was STARVING! One of my dad’s work buddies is a fisherman and had just caught a HUGE Bluefin so we had fresh sashimi. It was SO delish. I was too busy eating to take a pic, it was THAT good! I made us some Intelligentsia to go, and we headed back to work. It was definitely a huge pick me up because we ended up working until 11 that night!

Here I am either checking to see if there were blocked areas or trying to clean out some smudges, can’t remember! Photo Credit: Hanna

Paper, meet Screen. Trying to not dirty the nice paper with my ink stained hands. Photo Credit: Hanna

We were working in the kitchen so a spoon filled in for a spatula. I love this pic! Photo Credit: Hanna

Love this pic too! We used Speedball Acrylic Screen Printing Ink. The consistency was very weird, kind of like thick pudding. Here I am applying a thin coat over the entire image (called flooding) before actually printing. This helps to ensure that you get an even print since it takes a lot of energy and pressure, so if there isn’t an even coat of ink and you rely solely on the ink on your squeegee, then some areas may be light, or not print at all. Photo Credit: Hanna

Finally printing! I didn’t bother using the manual press we have at work, or any of the DIY mounting methods. It came out fine. I guess it might help to have it mounted but this way works too. Photo Credit: Hanna

Finished print! Yayee! Photo Credit: Hanna

Hanna prepping her screen with a light coating of ink.

Trying something new. Hanna wanted a marbled effect, but then also realized that secret messages could be placed in the print too!

A tooth to go with the heart.

To get this to work you need to make sure the screen is NOT flooded with ink. If you flood the screen then only the ink that is in immediate contact with the screen will print.After you make the design, you can spread the rest of the ink out to cover the whole screen, like Hanna did above, or you can fill in the rest with the color of your choice.

I loved watching the way the colors mixed and the way it looked with the letters of her design.

Pulling the print.

Finished print! It looks soooo good in person. We traded prints so I have one of these, although I think I got the better end of that deal!


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hehe i randomly like the pic by pic story telling… it’s cool having an artsy fartsy friend

Comment by Wonnie

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