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Miller Harris Figue Amere
January 6, 2010, 4:38 pm
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This finally arrived yesterday and I immediately dabbed a bit on each wrist. First impressions are good so far although I see two big deterrents for this being a new favorite scent.

I love opening new boxes and taking a whiff. This smelled great out of the box. On my skin it was a little different. It was much too powdery for my chemistry. Others have smelled this in the basenotes but on my skin it definitely pops up sooner rather than later. The heavy powder lasts for maybe half an hour to an hour but once that fades it becomes a wonderful luxurious, strong, masculine scent. Which is the second problem. Although it is unisex, it tends more toward the masculine than feminine. I could see how this could be too much for some women but luckily I LOVE the smell of men’s cologne so it’s not really that much of a deal breaker.

The powder though… I have to assume that it’s just how it works with my chemistry since no one else has reported the same issue. So far Olivia Giacobetti’s Philosykos is by far my fave fig, as well as one of my top 5 fave scents and nothing else has come close. What I love about Diptyque’s take on the fig is that it is there is so much of the dirt, earth, leaves, and bitterness along with the fig leaving you with a rich olfactory experience. Miller Harris’ fig is much sweeter and yet more masculine, if that makes sense.

After writing about it I want to go home and spritz a little bit on now! I wonder if it smells any different sprayed. I like it aside from the powder and it was interesting enough to make me keep smelling my wrists every now and then when I had it on. The good news is that it lasts forever so I suppose I can spray this on first and then get ready for the day and hopefully by the time I walk out the door the powder would have dried down.

I got my bottle at Sephora, but they are all sold out! You can try department stores, the Miller Harris website, or other online retailers. $95 for 50ml, $140 for 100ml.


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